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Antony and the Johnsons

What? When we last saw Antony and the Johnsons, they'd released their second album, 2005's I Am a Bird Now, to massive critical acclaim. Three…
Jeffrey Parker / October 7, 2008

Matthew Sweet

What?Matthew Sweet is known for writing immaculate power-pop. He is also known for having his hit song, early '90s stonecold classic "Girlfriend," on Rock Band…
Jeffrey Parker / August 15, 2008

Black Kids

What? In its snappy 15 minutes, the shambolic pop of veritable buzz behemoth Black Kids' debut EP, Wizard of Ahhhs (released for free via the…
Jeffrey Parker / July 16, 2008

Oxford Collapse, Takka Takka Take Over Nation’s Capital

A steamy night in the nation's capital was the scene for a sold-out show at Black Cat's backstage last night, June 30. Glasgow's Frightened Rabbit…
Jeffrey Parker / July 1, 2008

Mudhoney’s Caustic Tunes Rekindle Grunge Love in DC

It's a shame temperatures crept close to the triple digits last night (June 8) in Washington, DC, rendering any flannel shirt too stifling to don…
Jeffrey Parker / June 10, 2008


Who? Portland, Oregon's Danava is Dusty Sparkles on vocals, guitar, synths, and keyboards, Buck Rothy on drums, Dell Blackwell on bass guitar, and Rockwell on…
Jeffrey Parker / February 13, 2008

The Epochs

Who? The Epochs' co-vocalists (and brothers) Ryan and Hays Holladay released Ten Billion Light Years of Solitude on their own in 2003 before recruiting Kevin…
Jeffrey Parker / January 29, 2008

We the Kings

Who? We the Kings is a foursome of young men fromBradenton, Florida. Comprised of Travis Clark on lead vocals andguitar, Hunter Thomsen on guitar and…
Jeffrey Parker / January 18, 2008

Say Yea for Yeasayer

U Street denizens (and a few of their parents who had probablyheard about the band on NPR) waited in vain in the biting cold lastnight…
Jeffrey Parker / January 18, 2008

The 1900s’ Kind-Hearted Ways

They're a contemporary band whose name comes from a hundred years ago, but the 1900s are surely straight out of 1970 -- specifically from the…
Jeffrey Parker / January 15, 2008

Le Loup’s Blissful Chaos

"We should play for them, probably no one would notice," one fan commented at the Le Loupshow last night (Dec. 10). This isn't quite true,…
Jeffrey Parker / December 12, 2007


Who? Rock&Roll is comprised of Parisians GrichaBerekachvili on vocals and guitar, Paul Louis Viguier on drums,L.A.M.F. on bass, and Matthias Cadeac d'Arbaud on guitar and…
Jeffrey Parker / November 19, 2007

Working For a Nuclear Free City

Who? Working For a Nuclear Free City began as a studioband in 1999 comprised of Phil Kay on production and keyboards and GaryMcLure on guitar.
Jeffrey Parker / November 9, 2007

Rogue Wave Washes Over the District

"Thanks for coming out on Monday night," singer Zach Rogue saidbefore the encore at the decidedly not packed Black Cat last night(Nov. 5). "Because we're…
Jeffrey Parker / November 6, 2007

Le Loup

Who? Le Loup is comprised of Sam Simkoff (banjo/keys), Christian Ervin (guitar), Mike Ferguson (guitar), Nicole Keenan (keys/French horn), Dan Ryan (bass), Robert Sahm (drums),…
Jeffrey Parker / October 24, 2007

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