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High Croon: Spin’s 1996 Feature on Scott Walker

This story originally appeared in the April 1996 issue of Spin. In honor of Scott Walker's life and death on March 25, we’re republishing it here.
James Hunter / March 25, 2019

Review: Björk – Homogenic

The singer throws up lyrics about pursuit and desertion. A snare drum lightly skips across a series of bass pinpoints, an organic foundation unthinkable before…
James Hunter / September 22, 2017

Review: U2 – Pop

This review first ran in the April 1997 issue of Spin. To mark the 20th anniversary of U2's Pop—originally released March 3, 1997—we're republishing it here.
James Hunter / March 3, 2017

The B-52’s, ‘Funplex’ (Astralwerks)

Sixteen years have passed since these Athens, Georgia natives last pondered love, sex, and outer space over untamed dance beats. Here, they refresh all their…
James Hunter / March 25, 2008

Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia, ‘Pain Disappears’ (Buzzin’ Fly)

For the past few years, minimal German dance music, with its fierce emptiness and slim rhythms, has been a scene with untapped crossover potential. And…
James Hunter / March 7, 2008

The Black Swans, ‘Change!’ (La Société Expéditionnaire)

"All of my people think I look strange," confesses singer/songwriter/ guitarist/producer Jerry DeCicca with an inscrutable weariness, on "New Face," one of 12 unhurried folk…
James Hunter / January 18, 2008

James Murphy & Pat Mahoney, ‘Fabriclive 36′ (Fabric)

New York didn't invent self-consciously witty and theatrical dance music. But in the early '80s, producers in the city did spotlight intersections of comedy (Gichy…
James Hunter / January 18, 2008

Axe Riverboy, ‘Tutu to Tango’ (Minty Fresh)

French pop rockers tend to have an effortless melodic gift, and that's the case with Xavier Boyer, leader of Parisian group Tahiti 80. Examining love…
James Hunter / January 18, 2008

Booka Shade, ‘DJ-Kicks’ (!K7)

The Berlin-based duo of Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger up the sonic intrigue on tracks by Heaven 17, Aphex Twin, Carl Craig, the Tubes (!),…
James Hunter / January 18, 2008

Gliss, ‘Love the Virgins’ (Cordless)

These Los Angelenos approach their hometown's timeless decadence with a bummed-out but exhilarating rigor: Digitized romantic obsession ("I Want You"), swaggering degradation ("Innocent Eyes"), country-rock…
James Hunter / September 25, 2007

Joan as Police Woman, ‘Real Life’ (Cheap Lullaby)

With her classical training and background performing with the Boston University Symphony Orchestra, violinist Joan Wasser has a tight grip on the harmonies, rhythms, and…
James Hunter / July 23, 2007

The National, ‘Boxer’ (Beggars Banquet)

Since 1999, this Brooklyn-via-Cincinnati quintet has been trying to fuse poetic lyrics, cinematic pull, and nervy, restless rock in a singular way. And on their…
James Hunter / June 29, 2007

Yoko Ono, ‘Yes, I’m a Witch’ (Astralwerks)

Contemporary tinkerers such as the Flaming Lips, Peaches, and Cat Power overhaul original Yoko Ono tracks on this hybrid tribute album; and while the results…
James Hunter / February 21, 2007

Emilie Simon, ‘The Flower Book’ (Milan)

Simon is a Parisian songwriter with a demure, crackly voice whose music is rooted in Björk-esque notions of how technology and nature stream together. And…
James Hunter / January 23, 2007

Damien Rice, ‘9’ (Heffa/Vector/Warner)

Introspection and noise are infrequent bedfellows, but they get fully tangled up in the work of singer/songwriter Damien Rice. Following his lauded 2003 debut O…
James Hunter / January 8, 2007

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