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Oasis’ World Tour Opens with a Bang in Seattle

Bathed in violet light, the stage of Seattle's WAMU Theater was set last night for an evening of prodigious musicianship from fabled Britpop stalwarts Oasis,…
Jamee Smith / August 27, 2008

The Long Winters Come Home to Seattle

"There will be no witty banter tonight," Long Winters frontman/renowned purveyor of witty banter, John Roderick, announced at the band's eagerly awaited Seattle homecoming show…
Jamee Smith / July 7, 2008

Calvin Johnson Spins in Seattle

He's a revered college-rock icon as a musician, producer, DJ and label head. His deadpan monotone voice and blues-mired guitar elicits a nostalgic assault upon…
Jamee Smith / June 27, 2008

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