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Our Review of 1997’s Lilith Fair, Featuring Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Paula Cole, and More

"JUST A SECOND, just a second now," said Canadian performer Kinnie Starr as she abruptly swung her electric guitar down and stepped off the tiny…
Evelyn Mcdonnell / April 26, 2017

Haters Go Home: Britney Dominates L.A. Show

Cops, convertibles, pyramids, boats, giant guitars, motorcycles, ninjas, snake charmers, and loads of fireworks, lasers, flashpots, smoke machines, and sexy, acrobatic dancers. What didn't Britney…
Evelyn Mcdonnell / June 21, 2011

Living Sisters, Zooey Deschanel Honor Patsy Cline

With her pathos-deep contralto somewhere between a yodel and a croon, Patsy Cline delivered indelible songs about never being satisfied with the one you're with…
Evelyn Mcdonnell / May 9, 2011

Brazilian Girls, ‘Talk to La Bomb’ (Verve Forecast)

Languages roll off Sabina Sciubba's tongue with the same sexy insouciance that genres spring from her bandmates' fingers. On "Jique," the opening track of Brazilian…
Evelyn Mcdonnell / October 18, 2006