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True Blue Steps Into the Spotlight With the Breezy “Tell Me Texas”

Last week Maya Laner—bassist and co-vocalist in Porches, and (Sandy) Alex G collaborator—released her debut solo EP Edge Of, under the moniker True…
Emily Larcus / February 28, 2018

Future – “I.C.W.N.T.”

Future’s back with brand new single called "I.C.W.N.T.," which is an abbreviation for "I Can’t Wife No Thot." Aside from a few features,…
Emily Larcus / February 28, 2018

Is This Drake’s Corny Teenage Lyrics Notebook?

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure... well, you know the drill. The old truism came to life when a cleanup worker found a notebook containing…
Emily Larcus / February 28, 2018

Bobby Brown Doesn’t Think Whitney Houston Died From Drugs

The sixth anniversary of Whitney Houston's death passed on February 11th—Houston, who publicly spoke of her struggles with addiction, was discovered unconscious by paramedics in…
Emily Larcus / February 28, 2018