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Danny McBride: Kenny Powers Jams Are the Soundtrack of My Life

In addition to reckless drug use, anti-social behavior, and profanity elevated to Shakespearian heights, music is a constant in the TV work of comedian Danny…
Drew Fortune / August 5, 2016

Watch PVRIS Perform “You and I” at Firefly 2016

The mercury spiked quickly before PVRIS’ set on the SPIN stage at the Toyota Music Den, and the energy was palpable. An insanely energetic group of…
Drew Fortune / June 22, 2016

Grace Mitchell Talks Punk Style, Life in L.A., and Her Upcoming Album

Beneath the pop hooks and pulsing beats of her Raceday EP and breakout single "Jitter," a punk heart and rebellious spirit drives 19-year-old Grace Mitchell.
Drew Fortune / March 30, 2016

Paul Westerberg: Throwing Out the Past

He’s gonna cancel on me. A blizzard is on the way, and the first flakes have started falling on this nervous Friday morning, two days…
Drew Fortune / March 7, 2016

Watch Baltimore’s Diamond Youth Live at Hurley Studios

Just in time for summer, Baltimore-bred Diamond Youth have recorded their first LP Nothing Matters, available May 19th via Topshelf Records, and the accompanying live…
Drew Fortune / April 20, 2015

King Tuff on How Jimi Hendrix Broke His Mind and Early Oi!

Given his irresistibly raucous, slovenly anthemic songcraft, it'd be easy to think King Tuff frontman Kyle Thomas' favorites skewed towards trashcan kitsch and belching rock'n'roll.
Drew Fortune / April 23, 2013

Levi’s Haus Party Brings Raucous DJ Sets From RZA, Odd Future’s Taco to L.A.

An unassuming white house, directly off Sunset Blvd. near the Chateau Marmont, was ground central for what was surely the best party in Los Angeles…
Drew Fortune / April 22, 2013

Antwon Riffs on Martin Lawrence, Danzig, and Sex Marathons

The electrifyingly eclectic Antwon is a pop culture obsessive whose grab-bag interests — from thrash metal to avant-garde film to Fox sitcoms — are well…
Drew Fortune / April 22, 2013

Chrome Sparks on Loving Stereolab, Downing Absinthe Shots

Prolific wunderkind DJ Jeremy Malvin has recorded under the names Professor Purple, I So Garden, Roommates, and DJ Norf Pole. But with his Chrome Sparks…
Drew Fortune / April 19, 2013

Nite Jewel on Aaliyah and a Bedroom Music Obscurity

In 2012, Nite Jewel mastermind Ramona Gonzalez took her project out of the bedroom and onto the dance floor with One Second of Love —…
Drew Fortune / April 18, 2013