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Myth Congeniality

Rose Byrne puts up with the advances of Brad Pitt and the entireGreek army on the road to Troy…
Diane Vadino / May 19, 2004

Movie News

MARCH 19 To what does Michel Gondry attribute hissuccess as a director of music videos (including "The HardestButton to Button") and movies (Human Nature)? He…
Diane Vadino / March 9, 2004

Hunnam, Globetrotter

ROMANIAN HOLIDAY For his role as a member of theConfederacy's Home Guard (local men who kept the peace inDixie while the Civil War raged), Charlie…
Diane Vadino / January 30, 2004

Movie News

The Wheel DealWhen director Joseph Kahn was making his stunt-heavy motorcyclemovie Torque, he was careful to avoid duplicating the lookof a certain other vehicular-action franchise…
Diane Vadino / January 28, 2004

Movie News

Top ShogunIf Tom Cruise ever found himself in mortal combat against the castof Kill Bill, at least one expert would put his money on thesmirking…
Diane Vadino / December 18, 2003

Too Clever By Half

With a running time of 700 minutes (give or take) and a budget ofapproximately $9 zillion, The Return of the King, the finalinstallment in Peter…
Diane Vadino / December 9, 2003

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