Death and Taxes

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Ben Affleck Asks Reporter to “Get Them Titties Out” in 2004 Interview

In light of Ben Affleck’s tepid rebuke of longtime collaborator Harvey Weinstein and the revelation that he allegedly groped actress Hilarie Burton on TRL, this…
Maggie Serota, death and taxes / October 11, 2017

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Describes Him as “Flawed Husband Whose Infidelity Made Him Vulnerable” During Trial

Sex crime defendants routinely resort to the cliché, "he said, she said," and Bill Cosby is no exception; the phrase was mentioned more than once Monday (June 5) by…

How One Witness Says Bill Cosby Ensured His Alleged Victims Were Drugged

Kelly Johnson hid the large white pill Bill Cosby had given her under her tongue, she says, with the intention of spitting it out later;…

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