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Dead Ringers

Though rock isn't the medium that Gus Van Sant and Michael Winterbottom are best known for, the musical credentials of the two filmmakers shouldn't be…
Dave Itzkoff / August 9, 2005

The Passions of Krist

Benjamin Franklin. Alexander Hamilton. Krist Novoselic? He may nothave his face on U.S. currency yet, but in the decade sinceNirvana's demise, the bass guitarist and…
Dave Itzkoff / October 21, 2004

Appetite for Deception

By his own admission, Diego Luna is a liar. The 24-year-old Mexico City native gleefully cons his friends and family, delights in lying…
Dave Itzkoff / September 21, 2004

A Boo-tiful Find: The Village’s Bryce Howard

Though her red hair and her last name should be dead giveaways,Bryce Howard will admit under duress that she's the daughterof actor and director Ron…
Dave Itzkoff / July 31, 2004

Return of the Mack

MacaulayCulkin went from being Hollywood's highest-profile child star to livinga life of almost total seclusion. He's made millions, been married anddivorced, and very nearly thrown…
Dave Itzkoff / June 9, 2004

Greendale and the Damage Done

If Neil Young's upcoming movie strikes you as artless and abit avant-garde, that's intentional. "You can'tfind a film that looks cheaper than Greendale," saysthe ornery…
Dave Itzkoff / April 5, 2004

Finkin’ Ain’t Easy

Before there was Snoop Dogg, the streetwise but adorably namedrapper, there was Huggy Bear, the streetwise but adorably namedpolice informant, who offered assistance to TV…
Dave Itzkoff / March 24, 2004

Welcome to the Interrotron

From the very beginning, I liked the idea of making eye contactwith the people I was interviewing. We are very, very sensitive tothe fact that…
Dave Itzkoff / February 17, 2004

Rock Is Dead … Long Live Rock

If it's possible to learn anything about a man from the homethat he keeps, then the first thing you should know about Kid Rockis that…
Dave Itzkoff / November 19, 2003

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