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Hawthorne Heights

What? It's no secret that the Hawthorne Heights guys have had a pretty rough go of it lately. So not only is it impressive that…
Corey Apar / July 28, 2008

Spin’s Year in Music Party

Whether it was the music, the fact that the stressful holidayswere finally over, or just the free booze a-flowin', something was inthe air at the…
Corey Apar / January 18, 2008

Polar Bear Club

Who? Rochester, NY's Polar Bear Club came to life in the springof 2005, not to swim laps in subzero temperatures, but to spoutdynamic, invigorating post-hardcore.
Corey Apar / November 2, 2007

Broadway Calls

Who? Broadway Calls sprang out of the teeny town of Rainier, Oregon in late 2005 after vocalist/guitarist Ty Vaughn and drummer Josh Baird made their…
Corey Apar / October 10, 2007

The Secret Handshake

Who? The Secret Handshake is the electronic pop creation of Dallas-based Luis Dubuc. Switching things up from the rock bands that dominated his high school…
Corey Apar / September 12, 2007


Who? LadybiRdS mastermind Tyler Pursel -- who also moonlights as keyboardist for emo's favorite rap act, Gym Class Heroes -- meant to put out an…
Corey Apar / September 5, 2007

Muse Directs Sensory Overload

To the thousands of New Yorkers packed into Madison Square Garden last night (Aug. 6) -- plus those who'd flown in just for evening --…
Corey Apar / August 7, 2007

The Gaslight Anthem

Who? Say what you will about Jersey, but it boasts New Brunswick's thriving punk and hardcore scene, which has nurtured bands like the Bouncing Souls,…
Corey Apar / August 3, 2007

Dear Tonight

Who? Just when you thought the only music coming out of Brooklyn involved cutesy lyrics and toy pianos, the hardcore kids of Dear Tonight --…
Corey Apar / August 2, 2007

Look Mexico

Who? Hailing from Tallahassee -- where you're more likely to see a Seminole than the Mexican border -- it's uncertain where Look Mexico got their…
Corey Apar / July 19, 2007

Against Me! Grills Out in Concrete Jungle

Last night (July 12) may have seen most of the city considerably cool off, but things only heated up over at NYC's Milk Gallery, where…
Corey Apar / July 13, 2007