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Kid Rock Hosts Star-Studded Hometown B-Day Bash!

How, exactly, do you celebrate your 40th birthday when you're a musical icon whose 20-year-plus career leaps from hard-partying hip-hop to hard-rocking arena pomp, shit-kicking…
Chris Handyside / January 18, 2011

Eminem and Jay-Z Headline Detroit Stadium Show

"Take a look around," commanded Jay-Z, as he brought the house lights up on the 42,000 gathered fans Thursday night at Detroit's Comerica Park. "This…
Chris Handyside / September 3, 2010

Kicking Against the Pricks

If you played six degrees of separation with the current Detroitrock scene, it would be a quick game. And if you played with theVon Bondies–it…
Chris Handyside / March 8, 2004

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