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The Most Influential Artists: #20 Jane’s Addiction

As part of our 35th anniversary, we’re naming the most influential artists of the past 35 years. Today, we’re at #20. From Los Angeles, California,…
Cam Lindsay / November 17, 2020

Jason Lytle on The Sophtware Slump turning 20 and Grandaddy’s End

Of the many things Jason Lytle hadn’t counted on doing in this bizarre year, talking about an album of his that turns 20 was certainly…
Cam Lindsay / November 16, 2020

The 25 Best Albums of the Britpop Era

Contrary to popular belief, Britpop was not a subgenre. It was also not a catchall for every bit of culture being manufactured in England, Scotland,…
Cam Lindsay / September 30, 2020