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Poppy and Grimes’s “Play Destroy” Is Spooky But Sweet

Poppy feels like self-fulfilling prophecy. Though her first studio album, Poppy.Computer, was released late last year, the YouTube personality formerly known as That Poppy has become one of…
Anna Gaca / October 31, 2018

No Jumper Podcast Guest Accuses Adam22 of Filming Sexual Encounter Without Consent

A recent Twitter spat with rapper Vic Mensa has brought renewed scrutiny to allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against Adam Grandmaison, a.k.a. Adam22, founder of the…
Anna Gaca / October 30, 2018

Halsey’s New “Without Me” Video Stars a G-Eazy Doppelgänger

Earlier this month, Halsey returned with "Without Me," her first new solo single since 2017's hopeless fountain kingdom. That album involved an elaborate and sometimes impenetrable Romeo and Juliet-inspired plot line,…
Anna Gaca / October 29, 2018

Taylor Swift Boyfriend Voices Taylor Swift Opinion

For a guy who's allegedly dated Taylor Swift since 2016, Joe Alwyn has hardly anything to say about her in public. Last month, for example, Alwyn offered the most in-depth and revealing…
Anna Gaca / October 19, 2018

Empress Of – “I Don’t Even Smoke Weed”

With her new album Us due on Friday, Empress Of's Lorely Rodriguez has released a final advance single that's titled after one of its most memorable lyrics: "I…
Anna Gaca / October 17, 2018

Pinegrove’s Skylight Is a Pretty Good Album, But Why Does It Exist?

By all units of measurement, Pinegrove spent the first half of 2017 nearing the level of fame most indie bands dream of. The seven-piece New…
Nina Corcoran / October 15, 2018

There’s Something Funny About Kurt Vile

It’s getting harder to find Discmans these days, which is bad news for Kurt Vile. "I’d buy so many from Best Buy, and they’d be…
Anna Gaca / October 12, 2018

Video: Blood Orange – “Chewing Gum”

Devonté Hynes has an atmospheric new video for "Chewing Gum," from this August's Negro Swan, his latest album as Blood Orange. The dreamy visuals find Hynes and featured artist A$AP Rocky wearing…
Anna Gaca / October 5, 2018

Courtney Barnett – “Small Talk”

Coming up on six months since the release of her latest album, this May's Tell Me How You Really Feel, Courtney Barnett has released a…
Anna Gaca / October 4, 2018

Mudhoney’s Digital Garbage Is Politically Cantankerous But Musically Comfortable

Bands who wouldn’t make a politically charged album about the state of America without an engraved invitation have more or less gotten one in the…
Al Shipley / October 2, 2018

Kanye Held SNL Cast Members “Hostage,” Says Kenan Thompson

Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson sat down with Seth Meyers last night to talk about this past weekend's SNL premiere, and thus about Kanye West's post-show political…
Anna Gaca / October 2, 2018

TMZ: We Were Wrong About Justin Bieber’s Secret Marriage

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are allegedly married, and more unbelievably still, it appears TMZ was misinformed about it for weeks. The gossip site reports today that Bieber…
Anna Gaca / October 2, 2018

Sigur Rós Drummer Resigns Following Sexual Assault Allegation

Longtime Sigur Rós drummer Orri Páll Dýrason has resigned from the band following an allegation of sexual assault. Band members Jónsi Birgisson and Georg Hólm announced…
Anna Gaca / October 1, 2018

The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Sounds Very Alone on His Melancholy New Solo Singles

The Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner is going by just Sune Rose these days, and as this kind of change tends to imply, he's now releasing solo music.
Anna Gaca / September 28, 2018

Video: Avril Lavigne – “Head Above Water”

Avril Lavigne has released a video for last week's single "Head Above Water," her first new music in about five years. The troubled but triumphant clip…
Anna Gaca / September 27, 2018

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