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Kavinsky Opens Up About His Survivor Tattoo, Skrillex Movie Dates

Kavinsky is a stylishly haggard-looking Frenchman who makes electronic music that sounds ages, even eons, old. Or maybe just decades — three to be precise,…
Andy Battaglia / February 20, 2013

The Rapture’s Second Coming

A decade after launching DFA's debauched dance-punk hit factory -- and three years after imploding in complete turmoil -- postmillenial club icons the Rapture are…
Andy Battaglia / September 13, 2011

Prince Kicks Off ‘Welcome 2 America’ Tour

"We're taking it old school tonight." This is an extremely pleasing sentiment to hear Prince express early in a set, for a couple of reasons.
Andy Battaglia / December 16, 2010

Animal Collective: The Scientists

Dave Portner is freaking out. Better known by his cryptic sobriquet Avey Tare, he's lying flat on the floor, eyes open wide, startled by something…
Andy Battaglia / January 5, 2009

Of Montreal: Welcome to Normal Town

For an impish sprite with a wardrobe full of starry aqua ankle boots and fishnet tights, Kevin Barnes is surprisingly intense when it comes to…
Andy Battaglia / September 22, 2008

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