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Mouse on Mars, ‘Varcharz’ (Ipecac)

This duo's tenth album is a masterful blend of electronic genres, pulling from older works like their more ambient 1994 debut, Vulvaland, and gleaning the…
Adrienne Day / October 23, 2006

The Hidden Cameras, ‘Awoo’ (Arts & Crafts)

Joel Gibb, frontman for this self-described "gay folk church music" band, is the seamy, sex-fueled yang to the ascetic yin of the Magnetic Fields' Stephin…
Adrienne Day / October 3, 2006

Broken Social Scene, ‘Broken Social Scene’ (Arts & Crafts) Metric, ‘Live It Out’ (Last Gang)

Being a Canadian supergroup has to be tough these days. U.S. passport checks for a dozen-plus band members? Bring a sleeping bag. Kool-Aid jokes implying…
Adrienne Day / October 4, 2005

Dungen, ‘Ta Det Lugnt’ (Kemado) Dungen, ‘Dungen’ (Subliminal Sounds)

Since ax-wielding, flesh-piercing Norse gods once ruled Scandinavia, it's not surprising that black metal still thrives today. But while the land of the midnight sun…
Adrienne Day / August 2, 2005

The Records That Changed My Life: Bernard Sumner of New Order

"I picked the records I got before I became a musician, because I listened to music in a completely different way then," he…
Adrienne Day / July 4, 2005

DJ Hell, ‘Electronicbody-Housemusic’ (React)

DJ Hell's foppish Flock of Seagulls coif screams "fashion casualty," but his new mix CD is more than a trendoid cheat sheet. Disc 1 gives…
Adrienne Day / June 22, 2003