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Australia’s Music Industry Welcomes Creative Australia Initiative

Australia’s music scene has thrived in recent decades, with artists like Kylie Minogue, Sia, Natalie Imbruglia, Iggy Azalea, and bands like INXS, AC/DC, and Tame Impala among those to have been in the charts around the world.

However, there seems to be some stagnation across the community, as artists are not breaking out as much as they used to on a global scale. But this could all be about to change, as a new chapter is set to begin for the music industry with some of the latest news to have emerged.

Creative Australia has been activated, which is the federal government’s plan to try and help turn its industry into one of the world’s powerhouses. The program is the centrepiece of the National Cultural Policy known as Revive. It will look to bring direction, vision, and drive to Australian artists who have needed some assistance for some time.

It is not the first initiative that the Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese has looked to implement during his term since assuming office in 2022. He has also looked to use the Revive program as a way of promoting the importance of the gaming industry. Specifically, he has looked into trying to get game designers to be credited and acknowledged as artists.

Albanese has also promised to bring back the Australian Interactive Games Fund that had been scrapped by Tony Abbott. Gaming is a hugely popular pastime across Oz, with four out of five Australians found to be gamers. They are known to enjoy playing titles that feature puzzles, action/adventure, and strategy while iGaming titles have also been hugely popular. With sites like’s ranked casino list, citizens in the country can easily find the games they like to enjoy for fun, especially as the activity continues to grow in popularity as a pastime.

Now, it would seem the country is looking to try and encourage the same growth for its music scene with the Revive initiative. Introduced and having come into effect on August 24, 2023, the initiative will look to try to change how things have been going Down Under across the music industry. This has started with the Music Australia Council, which will feature a board of eight people who are experts or artists in the industry who will look to guide the program and make it as successful as possible.

The idea is that previous funding becomes available again after being lost under the previous government because of budget cuts, which can then help the country to produce and export quality music and be a global player in a highly competitive industry. The program has also been formed as a way for Oz to be able to realize its full potential and ambitious aims as it looks to stamp its influence at home and abroad.

Anthony Albanese provided a year-long policy for Revive to work

Albanese introduced Revive to the industry and public back in January, which included the promise of a new Music Australia. This concept featured the idea of a reimagined music development agency that would help aid the development of domestic contemporary music.

Unsurprisingly, the initiative and its policies are ambitious, and a one-year action plan has been created to try and ensure it is successful. It is based on five pillars that are interconnected with each other, with an undivided commitment to investment. Record figures for art funding are planned to reach A$286 million (US$202 million), while Music Australia is said to have funding of A$69 million ($44 million) over the course of a four-year period.

It has been described as a landmark moment for the country’s music industry by the CEO of APRA AMCOS, as they believe it is indicative of the government’s first acknowledgement and commitment to make Australia’s music industry one of the world’s biggest and best. They also added that they would be looking forward to helping create a new-look music industry that the country could be proud of and would be able to have major benefits domestically and internationally.

Creative Australia Bill is a legal framework

The legal framework that has been created for the existence of Music Australia – The Creative Australia Bill – has been passed into law already, having been introduced in June by parliament. However, while this was a major step, there are still many that need to be navigated.

Some have reserved their thoughts about what might happen in the future until they see early results, with leaders calling for the country to execute the plan perfectly and to think big and outside the box if they are to get the results that are possible to achieve.