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7 Famous Sports Stars who Tried a career in Music

There are some sports stars who are content to perform on the court or field, and then retire on the cash they have earned. Others go into punditry, just because people are craving their views. Others? Well, there are some sports stars who have made some rather questionable decisions about their career choices. We’re going to talk about seven famous sports stars who tried a career in music.

Don’t get us wrong—some of these sports stars have had a decent go at the music thing, and it put a smile on our faces. Others? Not quite so much. We won’t complain too much about them, though. They’ve probably helped people to win cash on some of the top sportsbooks over the years!

Carl Lewis

In 1984, Olympic champion Carl Lewis picked up four gold medals. This was part of his total haul of 10 Olympic medals. In the 1980s, he was an incredibly big deal, and we have no doubt that a lot of people were craving sponsorship deals with him. Once Carl Lewis retired from the sport, the world was his oyster. However, it seemed to be a rather dodgy oyster as he decided to release an awful single (Break it Up) and went into made-for-TV movies. He even dabbled in politics at one point. Now, he owns his own marketing company. We assume that he is better at marketing than the company that released his rather awful song.

Shaquille O’Neil

Shaquille O’Neil is the undisputable king of the court. He made millions from basketball, and even now, he is making millions of dollars doing whatever he does. He didn’t need to release music, but he did. And, you know what? The stuff he released was pretty amazing. In the ‘90s, he launched four albums and worked with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop world. So, if you want to learn which one of those famous sports stars who tried their hand at music got it right, check out Shaquille O’Neil.

Clint Dempsey

Ok. So, technically, US soccer player Clint Dempsey only released a single song. This was ‘Don’t Tread’ in 2006, and he was clearly chosen for this World Cup song as he was the best singer on the US Men’s National Team at the time. Who knew that he would actually be decent? His rapping and singing skills are on par. Honestly? We wish we’d got a little bit more on the singing front from Clint Dempsey. It may not be too late. So, Clint, if you’re reading this, release more music!

Wayman Tisdale

In the 1980s college basketball scene, Wayman Tisdale was the hottest ticket in town. He was so good at the college basketball thing; he still has a trophy named after him. He went on to repeat this success in the NBA, where millions would watch him on TV. Today, he’d probably be well-known outside the US too, as modern platforms such as YouTube, Unibet TV, and other online streaming services would be beaming his talents around the globe. Rather than rest on his countless amount of cash once he retired, he decided to try his hand at something new—becoming a jazz musician. He has released a few albums in his time, and at one point, he topped the Billboard Jazz chart. If you know how precious jazz fans can be over their music, you’ll know that this means his stuff was really good.

Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams was one of the top players for the New York Yankees from around 1994 to 2006. If you love baseball, then you’ve probably heard of him. What you may not have realized, however, is that once retired from the sport, Bernie Williams went on to have a career in the jazz industry. He brought his unique Latin-American vibe to the scene. While he was never lucky enough to top the Billboard Jazz charts, he managed to rank pretty high and that is fantastic!

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has won a World Series and a Super Bowl. He is the only player to ever do this. He is the only player to ever score a home run and a touchdown in the same week, too. Pretty good, right? Decent at two sports? That must mean that he was fantastic at music too? Well, no. Not quite. He tried to release a hip-hop album, and the less we say about that, the better.

Alexi Lalas

Alexi Lalas is another US Men’s National Team soccer player who figured he wanted a career in music. His career, though? Well, not quite as successful. He isn’t brilliant at singing, and his albums have barely charted. Still, he did have a pretty big tour (alongside Hootie & The Blowfish), and he is still releasing albums. We suppose he is doing it for the love of music, not for any major success. We praise him for that.

So, there you have it. A list of seven famous sports stars who tried a career in music. Some are good, others, barely intelligible. But hey, at least the more terrible singers were enjoying doing something they really loved, right?