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4 Musicians Who’ve Raked in Immense Profits Gambling in Casinos

Many of the most successful musicians love two things: partying and gambling. In fact, they often partake in both activities simultaneously in popular casinos like MGM, Foxwoods, and Bellagio. Sometimes, they do it to excess since, well, most have bottomless pockets and love having a good time.

To date, there’s a list of musicians who’ve gambled avidly in casinos and raked in immense profits over the years. A good example is P Diddy, who once pocketed a whopping 2 million in Vegas. If you wish to try your luck and see if you can profit like these individuals, you can visit a gambling establishment near you or wager in a new online crypto casino.

P Diddy

P Diddy, the second richest rapper in the world, is an infamous mogul. Not only is he a successful rapper, but also a film producer, screenwriter, fashion designer, actor, and businessman. He’s raked in many awards and achievements in his lifetime, including 2 MTV awards and 3 Grammys.

Diddy is also known for his love of gambling. He’s spent millions at the best gambling establishments all over the world. He has also won significant amounts. In 2022, he raked in 2 million in Vegas and, being generous, tipped one worker $250,000.

Sully Erna

56-year-old Sully Erna is a renowned American singer and musician. He’s widely known for his involvement with the acclaimed rock band Godsmack. Erna and his counterparts are also associated with many top songs, from Mr. Light and Broken Road to Different Kind of Tears and Sinner’s Prayer.

According to different sources, Sully Erna has two main hobbies: skiing and fishing. But here’s something most people don’t know. Erna is an avid gambler who’s participated in numerous poker tournaments. In 2007, he partook in a World Poker Classic tournament and netted $300,000 with a $5,000 buy-in.

Toby Keith

Along with his Easy Money Band band, Toby Keith has written and produced many songs, including Should’ve Been a Cowboy, I Love This Bar, and Red Solo Cup. American country music fans love him to no end, which is why they’ve bought 40 million of his albums.

Toby Keith passed away in early 2024, but while alive, he played two things exceedingly well: his guitar and casino games. He loved this activity so much that, at some point, he accompanied Oklahoma’s governor, Brad Henry, while the latter was fighting for a bill legalizing racetrack gambling in his state. Over the years, Keith raked in immense winnings from multiple US casinos.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was one of the most sought-after musicians and motion picture actors of his age. By the time of his demise, he had countless awards and recognitions, from 3 Album of the Year Grammys to a Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Congressional Gold Medal.

Besides a love for singing and acting, Sinatra was a big fan of casinos. In fact, he once lost a couple of teeth while brawling with another gambler in a Vegas casino. But that never stopped him from frequenting casinos and pocketing thousands in profit.

Final Thoughts

Casino-hopping is a favorite pastime for many famous musicians, from P Diddy to Sully Erna. These superstars have spent thousands and, sometimes, millions in popular hotspots. Fortunately, some have won big and walked away with juicy sums.

But you must also note that casino gaming has brought a few musicians to their knees. So, before emulating your favorite idol, research the cons of gambling and tread carefully. Good luck!