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3 of the Most Iconic Songs Used in Professional Sports

If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting event in a stadium filled with tens of thousands of spectators or tuned in to watch an event on television, you may have heard a famous song being sung in unison by the crowd.

You may also find that you can’t quite remember the name of the song or the artist who originally performed it. You’re not alone. 

There are currently a handful of iconic songs sung at sports stadiums worldwide that seem far more common than others. They are designed to lift the crowd’s mood, celebrate your team scoring, or inspire your team to do better. 

What are the three most iconic songs commonly used in professional sports?

For some reason, there are a few songs that are sung more than any others. For example, you may have attended an Aussie Rules football match in Victoria and heard a certain song being chanted by the crowd.

Just a few months later, you may hear that same song being sung by the crowd at a football match you attend somewhere in Europe. 

You may also then hear that same song at an Ice Hockey match in Canada or at an NFL match or MLB game in the US. They are often catchy and have words that are easy to remember and sing. 

There’s no denying that some songs are a lot more popular than others, and singing these songs is now just as common as placing bets on your favourite team. 

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Without further ado, three of the most iconic songs currently used in professional sports today are the following:

  1. Song: Seven Nation Army. Performed by: The White Stripes. Released: 2003
  2. Song: We Will Rock You. Performed by: Queen. Released: 1977
  3. Song: Don’t Stop Believin’. Performed by: Journey. Released in 1981

As soon as a small group of people start singing these songs, it doesn’t take very long before ten or twenty thousand or more people sing the same song for the next thirty seconds or more. 

It’s often triggered when a goal is scored, when a certain sports star enters the stadium or field of play, or to lift spirits during the half-time break. It’s great to hear when you’re there in person, but even better when you join in singing with thousands of other people. 

Honourable mentions

Some of the other iconic songs also commonly heard at major sporting events around the world, whether it’s boxing, football, cricket, rugby, or the Olympics, are Jump Around by House of Pain, Song 2 by Blur, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses, and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. 

Others you may also be familiar with by now are Lose Yourself by Eminem, Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation, Jump by Van Halen, and We Are the Champions by Queen, to name just a few. 

Final note

Just like sports are important to millions of people around the world, music also plays a big part in people’s lives. When combining the two in such a way, something magical happens, and it often leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends, whether their favourite team or sports star wins or loses.

It adds to an already electrifying atmosphere, and it’s part of what makes people keep on coming back for more week after week to watch their favourite sports. 

The next time you go to a huge stadium, try singing one of these songs at the top of your lungs to see if you can get thousands of like-minded spectators to join in. 

You may just get laughed at with nobody joining in, but at least you can say you tried. Also, don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. Perhaps try being a little bit louder and encouraging the people around you to join in.