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Tyler Ramsey on How Spending Time in Nature Benefits His Mental Health

"For me, it's been magical medicine on tours"
Tyler Ramsey (Photo credit: Parker Pfister)

As a touring singer-songwriter, Tyler Ramsey appreciates his downtime while on the road—especially when he can spend it in nature, which benefits his mental health.

Ramsey—who released his sixth solo LP, New Lost Ages, in February—opened up to SPIN backstage at SXSW. He acknowledged the bliss and rejuvenation he feels while walking in a park or jumping in some water.

“I used to use days off just to stay as still as possible—stay in a hotel or whatever. But then I realized the best thing to do, if you’re traveling constantly and you’re always on a schedule, if you have a moment, [is] to get out in nature and go for a walk,” Ramsey says. “Even if you can’t get out of the city you’re in, you can find a park or something. If you have the luxury of a whole day off, you can drive out of town and find the nearest trail or you can jump in a river.

“For me, it’s been magical medicine on tours,” he continues. “Connect yourself to something other than that schedule—driving, soundchecking, playing your show, loading out, hotel, driving—that’ll get to you after a while. Especially if you’re not paying attention, it will sneak up on you, and you’ll find yourself in an interesting headspace.”