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In a World Full of Deepfakes, Artists Keep it Real with Click

Photo Courtesy of Click

It’s over for AI. 

Or, rather, it’s about to get much more difficult for its users to mislead the public with dangerously (and purposely) deceptive content. 

That’s thanks to the disinformation-combatting camera app, Click – a dream tool for artists hellbent on putting out authenticated content that can’t for a moment be confused with AI claptraps. 

Click is a digital trust network that allows creators, journalists, consumers, and businesses to substantiate media on an information highway that is rampantly and consistently attacked by deepfakes and malicious AI beta. 

Click will enable artists to not only prove reality but verify their photos and videos. What’s more, Click helps deliver truthful content to everyone via an immutable digital proof of authenticity. This is all made possible by ContentSign, Click’s proprietary technology which proves the credibility of data following its moment of capture on-chain.

Photo Courtesy of Click

So, why is this important? It’s just some fake content, right? Wrong. In the past year-and-a-half, over a century’s worth of images have been created with AI, and our global reality is swiftly being muddled into the matrix. According to The World Economic Forum, disinformation tops the Global Risks of 2024. Just think of the robocalls imitating President Biden ahead of the New Hampshire primary, or of the Hong Kong finance worker who recently paid out $25 million to fraudsters posing as the company’s CFO. And then there are the potentially life-changing (or life-ruining) deepfake photos and videos – recall the sexually explicit Taylor Swift dupes that burnt through the internet back in March – that put not only artists in jeopardy but the everyday man, woman, and child. Fraud deflection of this magnitude is important because AI fraud affects us all. Like Alexander Hamilton once said: “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Thankfully, Click stands for truth and authenticity, and its users do too. 

Presently, the US government is taking action via the NO FAKES Act senate bill, an initiative that will give artists legal recourse when their digital likeness has been used without their permission. This, in conjunction with Click’s groundbreaking application will ensure creators can produce real, reliable content and defend themselves against reputation-ravaging deepfake trickery. 

And to make matters even more effective, Click works in 3 simple steps: 

(1) Capture media, a photo or video, with the Click app

(2) Swipe to ContentSign your media and publish it on-chain. (Content is auto-C2PA certified before the user swipes to ContentSign. C2PA or the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity is the new content authentication standard supported by the Content Authenticity Initiative, a Joint Dev Foundation Project, which includes Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft) 

(3) Authenticated media can be downloaded to the local phone gallery and is automatically published to a public page with creator attribution (including date, time and location of content capture). Once the content is captured, it’s ready to share on any messaging product, blog or social app.

While the entertainment industry is forever changing and adapting to emerging technologies & trends, some are fighting to bolster one major facet: integrity. 

Click camera app is here to make it happen.