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Here Are Dove Cameron’s Studio Session Essentials

Her debut album ‘Alchemical: Volume 1’ releases on December 1
(Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Hello Sunshine)

Dove Cameron has landed on the perfect name for her debut album: Alchemical: Volume 1, defined on the album’s site as “involving a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” Though she’s been singing throughout the course of her career, Cameron has gone through something of a “transformation” over the last decade, from Daytime Emmy Award-winning Disney actor (Liv and Maddie, The Descendants franchise) to billion-streaming chart-topping singer. 

“Boyfriend” – Alchemical: Volume 1’s 2022 viral hit – reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Top 40 Pop Chart and cracked the Top 20 on the Hot 200. Cameron followed up with the multimillion streaming “Bad Idea” and “Girl Like Me,” her singular cover of Edwyn Collin’s 1994 song, “Girl Like You.” She converged with Khalid for “We Go Down Together,” with Diplo, Sturgill Simpson, and Johnny Blue Skies for “Use Me (Brutal Hearts)” and with Marshmello for “Other Boys.”

Ramping up to Alchemical: Volume 1’s drop on December 1st, Cameron turns the focus inward, presenting her most personal musical work to date, releasing the sharp-edged banger “Lethal Weapon” and the emotional ballad “Sand” in quick succession. About the album, she says, “Alchemical: Volume 1 is a report from the void of my own personal experience with love, sex, loss, trauma, darkness and eventually transformation and healing. I hope you hear yourself and we can meet in these moments in time together.”

Here, Cameron shares the 10 essentials she takes with her to every studio session. 


I have to have my liter-and-a-half water bottle. I try to drink three liters of water a day. 


My notebook and pen, because I’m constantly changing lyrics as I go. 


I have to have all my different snacks. 


Because the studio can be very dry. 


I always come to the studio with a bunch of changes of clothes. I come up in layers and layers and have huge sweatshirts and coats. 

Grether’s Pastilles

I need to have Grether’s Pastilles which are really good for your vocal cords. Regular cough drops actually dry out your vocal cords. Grether’s Pastilles have glycerin in them that really helps.


I have to have a lot of caffeine even though it’s bad for your voice, so that sometimes I can get on the mic and be totally crazy and jump around and be a total menace. My regular order is a plain iced coffee.

Huge Studio Bag/Tote Bag

I walk around with this huge studio bag like I’m going to summer camp because you never know how long you’re going to be in the studio, whether it’s four hours or 24 hours. 


I have my AirPods, I have wired headphones, and I have the big noise canceling headphones because I need to be able to hear things through a bunch of different modes of audio so that I can make sure I like how it sounds. 

“Old Book of Poetry”

I bring my old book of poetry that I keep all my poems in so that I can reference them for songs. A lot of my songs actually start out as poetry including my new single, “Sand.”