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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Suggs of Madness

Name  Suggs

Best known for  Vaguely amusing entertainer.

Current city  London

Really want to be in  Jaipur in India and I would be indigo printing.

Excited about  Madness’ brand new studio album Theatre of the Absurd Presents C’est La Vie out November 17.

My current music collection has a lot of  Dub reggae.

And a little bit of  Experimental jazz.

Preferred format  Vinyl.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


The Clash, The Clash

I was lucky enough to see them five or six times. Every song on it is a winner, especially “London’s Burning.”


The Specials, The Specials

We had the great privilege of going on the 2-Tone Tour with the Specials in 1979 with The Selecter. It was probably the highlight of my life.


The Harder They Come Soundtrack, Jimmy Cliff

A great album, a great film, and great songs. If you’re interested in discovering the early development of rocksteady, this is the album for you.


Get Happy!!, Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Brilliant songwriter, Elvis, but this particular record produced by Nick Lowe was a kind of an homage to Stax [Records]. I don’t think there’s a track that’s much more than two minutes long, it’s just a great ball of excitement. 


New Boots & Panties!!, Ian Dury

Such a colorful album and the lyrics are probably the best I’ve come across.