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Criminal Justice Reform

Hannibal Buress on the Mission of Chicago Torture Justice Center

Organization aims to “address the traumas of police violence and institutionalized racism"
Credit: Stephen Olker/Getty Images

When SPIN asks Hannibal Buress to spotlight a cause close to his heart, the comedian-rapper-actor immediately brings up the Chicago Torture Justice Center, founded in his home town in 2017.

According to its own mission statement, the organization aims to “address the traumas of police violence and institutionalized racism through access to healing and wellness service, trauma-informed resources, and community connection.” And that goal resonates with Buress, who was introduced to CTJC through friend and board member Sheila Bedi.

“There’s been a lot of cases of police offers in Chicago torturing,” he says, “so the goal is to get reparations [and] bring awareness to this terrible police behavior.”

“It’s a rough system, man,” he continues. “I donated [to CTJC] a couple times and try to help out where I can. And Sheila does a lot of great work for them and some great work around the city in general — a lot of great legal work for folks that might not have been able to afford it. She definitely fights for the people.”

Buress also spoke to SPIN about his rap career under the name Eshu Tune, including a recently issued remix of “Veneers” featuring Danny Brown and Paul Wall. But he concluded by helping spread the word for CTJC, a “reputable” organization that he wants to help “move forward.”


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