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Daft Punk Unearths Rarities for 10th Anniversary of Random Access Memories

New edition includes 35 minutes of previously unreleased music
(Photo: Marc Grimwade / WireImage)

Daft Punk abruptly broke up two years ago today, but thankfully, the masked French electronica duo hasn’t disappeared completely. The group’s instant-classic final album, Random Access Memories, will be reissued in honor of its 10th anniversary on May 12 by Columbia, featuring nine additional tracks comprising 35 minutes of rare and previously unreleased music.

The bonus material includes studio outtakes of album opener “Give Life Back to Music,” an early version of the eventual Pharrell Williams-assisted smash hit “Get Lucky,” vocoder tests for “Lose Yourself To Dance,” and a 2013 demo for a song called “Infinity Repeating.”

The 2014 Grammy winner for album of the year, Random Access Memories was previously available in a pricy 2013 double-vinyl boxed set, but without most of the nine tracks appearing on the anniversary edition. The new version will be available in three-LP and two-CD configurations, and will also hit streaming services for the first time in Dolby Atmos sound. Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition can be pre-ordered here.


As previously reported, Daft Punk co-founder Thomas Bangalter has set an April 7 release date for his first orchestral work, which was commissioned by choreographer Angelin Preljocaj for the ballet Mythologies. It’s Bangalter’s first substantive set of new music since Daft Punk’s split.

Here is the track list for Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition:

“Give Life Back to Music”
“The Game of Love”
“Giorgio by Moroder”
“Instant Crush”
“Lose Yourself To Dance”
“Get Lucky”
“Fragments of Time”
“Doin’ it right”
“Horizon” (Japan CD)
“GLBTM” (Studio Outtakes)
“Infinity Repeating” (2013 Demo)
“GL” (Early Take)
“Prime” (2012 Unfinished)
“LYTD” (Vocoder Tests)
“The Writing of Fragments of Time”
“Touch” (2021 Epilogue)