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Mallrat Can Sit at Any Table

A look at the Aussie dream pop visionary's six best collabs with the Chainsmokers, Azealia Banks, the Knocks and more
(Credit: Kat Neisler)

Mallrat fits in everywhere by simply being Mallrat. The Australian artist, producer, and songwriter Grace Shaw is that rare talent who’s equally at home on tour with Post Malone, Maggie Rogers and King Princess. Indicative of her appeal, she’s lit up festivals such as Austin City Limits, Reading and Leeds and played sold-out arenas with Conan Gray. After a series of fan-favorite EPs and reaching multi-platinum heights in Australia, her 2022 debut album Butterfly Blue [Nettwerk] crystallized a kaleidoscopic style steeped in pop melodies, off-kilter electronic flourishes, a little hip-hop attitude, and a lot of otherworldly mystique.

Born from Shaw’s expansive diversity of styles and sounds, she’s established herself as one of the most sought-after collaborators in the game. So, we looked at six of the biggest song collaborations from her catalog.

“Wish on an Eyelash, Pt. 2” with The Chainsmokers


In 2022, the original “Wish on an Eyelash” set the tone for Butterfly Blue as the album’s intro. At barely under a minute, it unassumingly emerged as one of the most popular tracks on the record, powered up by an ethereal vocal melody and a delicate synth buzz. The Chainsmokers were among the countless fans who fell under its spell. However, they went one step further and took it upon themselves to remix it. “Pt. 2” stretches past the three-minute mark with a warbling horn sample and head-nodding 808s. Its release capped off a banner year for Mallrat.

Of the Remix, she graciously shared, “I was completely taken by surprise when I logged on to Twitter to see The Chainsmokers had remixed the song out of pure love for it – we had never met or talked! For something so big to happen organically like this is special and rare. I am so excited that this interpretation of my track will be an introduction to a new audience. Thank you to The Chainsmokers.”

“Surprise Me” [feat. Azealia Banks]


Speaking of surprises, hip-hop’s foremost provocateur Azealia Banks unapologetically pulled up with a little lyrical lightning over the cloudy beat of Butterfly Blue standout “Surprise Me.” It marked an extraordinary full-circle moment for Mallrat. It proves as instantly quotable as it is effortlessly raunchy.

She smiled, “The first album I ever bought with my own money was ‘Broke With Expensive Taste.’ Azealia Banks was truly the best to work with. Maybe I’m biased, but hers is one of the most iconic and memorable verses I’ve ever heard.”

“R U HIGH” [feat. Mallrat] by The Knocks


In 2021, The Knocks enlisted Mallrat for this intoxicating banger laced with a disco beat perfectly suited to her soaring delivery. She leans into the groove with no shortage of upbeat energy.

In the leadup to its release, she said, “I’ve spent a lot of time between now and then dancing around my kitchen to the demo, and I’m glad it’s finally out in the world.”

By the way, you can’t go wrong with any of the remixes by Crooked Colours, Digitalism, and Cub Sport, either.

“Video” [feat. Mallrat] by Cub Sport


This marked Mallrat’s first collaboration with fellow Aussie phenomenon Cub Sport. Shaw projects her voice in a heavenly high-register harmony on the track over a cinematic soundscape. The visual turned heads with its wild inversion of late nighties early two-thousands celebrity voyeurism shot inside an ornate old mansion.

It was just the beginning of a very special creative kinship. Mallrat and Cub Sport would reteam again on 2020’s “Break Me Down” and the Remix of “R U HIGH.”



This song would be another dream come true for Mallrat. Early in her career, she admitted to Project U, “I went to an Allday concert last year, and he inspired me to start making music seriously. I love how unique and real his style is.”

Now, “UFO” remains one of her most popular tracks to date, and it originally arrived on her 2018 In The Sky EP. It still sounds like it came from another planet (in the best way possible).

“Video Games” (Lana Del Rey Cover) with Maggie Rogers


Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” turned ten last year, but three years prior, Mallrat and Maggie Rogers took it for a spin with this live cover when they hit the road together. It loses none of the original’s magic as Mallrat and Maggie infuse it with tear-worthy bliss.

Lana, if you’re reading this, it’s time for a studio version.


If you’re new to Mallrat, we also highly recommend you check out the following solo tracks.



With good reason, this is her most-streamed and most popular tune—it’s the kind of breezy bop she’s so damn good at! From the lush acoustic guitar to the lo-fi beat, it highlights the handcrafted heart of her music. The vocal delay mirrors the confusion of, as she told Happy Mag, “having a crush but not wanting to have a crush on someone. Being like, this is so annoying, and I don’t want this.” With songs this catchy, she can annoy us anytime…



Can you ever go wrong naming a song after your dog? Not in this case! Mallrat named this anthemic little gem after her family’s Labrador retriever Charlie who makes a cameo in the music video along with her dad. Rumors abound of a version cut in the “Simlish” language for The Sims. We are waiting as patiently as a Labrador retriever for its release.