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Lydia Night on How Mushrooms, Enya, and Joshua Tree Inspired ‘Further Joy’

The lead singer of the Regrettes stopped by the Lipps Service podcast for a wide-ranging conversation
The Regrettes

One of Scott Lipps’ favorite records of 2022 was Further Joy, the third album by pop-punk band The Regrettes. This week, the album’s auteur, Regrettes’ lead singer Lydia Night joined him on the SPIN Presents Lipps Service podcast. Like Lipps, Night got an extremely early start in the music business since her parents ran a music club in New Orleans. When Night saw the Donnas in Santa Monica at age five, she remembers, “oh fuck, that’s what I want to do.” By the time Night was 12, she was already in her second band and playing SXSW.

Night also spoke about loving classic punk records as a kid (the Cramps, the Ramones, the Clash), eschewing her metalhead mom’s favorite band, Motley Crue. She has a tattoo dedicated to Hole, and called Live Through This a “game-changing album” for her.

Later in the in conversation, Night spoke about her journey with the Regrettes, how she’s the youngest person in the band but at age 22, feels more like the wizened veteran of the group. She said that the band’s third full-length, Further Joy, set a higher bar for vulnerability in her songwriting, and was partly inspired by listening to Enya on mushrooms in Joshua Tree National Park. This year, the Regrettes will be embarking on the polar opposite of that zen experience, as they head out with Yungblood on a 29-date North American summer tour.

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Since it began in 2018, the acclaimed podcast has featured many of the biggest voices and personalities in music, including exclusive interviews with Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis, David Lee Roth, Shepard Fairey, Courtney Love, Dove Cameron, Mick Fleetwood, Nikki Sixx, Perry Farrell, and many more. Every couple of weeks, a new episode of SPIN Presents Lipps Service is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to the full episode with the Regrettes’ Lydia Night.