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Tennis, Meds, and Therapy: How Cold War Kids’ Nathan Willett Plays A Good Touring Game

The rock and roll lifestyle can break a person down without safeguards in place
(photo: Jason Koerner / Getty Images)

Touring with a band is “controlled chaos”, Nathan Willett of alt-rockers Cold War Kids tells SPIN IMPACT – of a kind that can readily become a health risk. Going on the road, says Willett, “lends itself towards … um … staying up really late.”

To help keep better hours, the Cold War Kids play tennis. “It’s competitive, it’s fun, and we have this other relationship that’s not just a stage relationship,” says Willett. “There’s something so healthy about like, yeah, just exercise, competition, having that kind of like, um, activity together.

Throw in therapy and psych-meds as needed, and even keels are much more within reach. “Therapy is really unique because it’s the only relationship you have where you don’t … have to think about the other person’s feelings and how they perceive you,” says Willett.

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