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19 Fail-Safe Gifts For the Music Fan Who Has Everything

From Beastie Boys action figures to Green Day's Oakland coffee line, here are some last-minute gifts for the heads

Music fans can be impossible to please. We’re an obsessive subset of the human population that’s highly prone to impulsive spending and, sadly, hoarding. So it can be a real nightmare to figure out what we don’t already have. If you find yourself in this predicament, we’ve rounded up a selection of sure-to-please gifts for the colleague, in-law, or relative whose respect you want to earn by buying them a gift this year that says, “I appreciate your love of the rock.”

Cry Perfume, by Sadie Dupuis

When not making music with Speedy Ortiz or her solo project Sad13, Sadie Dupuis turns her attributes towards writing. Cry Perfume is her second book of poetry, written in the midst of touring and as a means of coping with losing some of her friends and loved ones to drug overdoses. Here, she transforms her sorrow into constructive fury and keen insight that tackles such topics as addiction, art’s survival in the digital age and musicians being able to make a living wage, all expressed through Sadie’s enthralling grasp of language. Buy Cry Perfume, by Sadie Dupuis, at Rough Trade. 

Motörhead Iron Fist 40th Anniversary Box Set


The final studio album from the classic lineup of Lemmy, Philthy Animal and Fast Eddie might not get the props its predecessors enjoy. But that’s no reason to overlook 1982’s Iron Fist, which finally gets its long-deserved reappraisal via this remastered deluxe edition. The package includes an album side of 1981 studio demos and three sides dedicated to a complete concert at Glasgow Apollo on March 18, 1982, only a few weeks before Iron Fist punched into record stores. Buy Motörhead Iron Fist 40th Anniversary Box Set here.

Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary


Christmas candy has never been so funky. Like the candy shops Steven Van Zandt frequented as a kid growing up near the Jersey Shore, Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary features an array of delicious lollipops. Only these treats are handcrafted with holistic wellness in mind. In addition to such flavors as Fijian Kava and Turmeric, available for the holidays is the Soul Power Twist Pop, a menagerie of Peppermint, cocoa and vanilla that promises to invigorate your mind and spirit — and clear your sinuses. Check out Wicked Cool Wellness here.


Beastie Boys Intergalactic 2-Pack Reaction Figures


Their sold-out Sabotage figures a rousing success, Super 7’s latest homage to Beastie Boys brings to life a favorite scene from the rap trio’s 1998 single “Intergalactic.” Housed in a collectible box you will find 3.75” scale articulated renditions of the breakdancing robot and the squid monster who do battle in the video.  Take your action figure collection to another dimension with the addition of these high-quality figs.


L7 Bricks Are Heavy 30th Anniversary Box Set 



Two Los Angeles institutions come together as the iconic record store chain Licorice Pizza gets into the record-making business with this reissue of L7’s classic third album Bricks Are Heavy for its 30th anniversary. Remastered by Howie Weinberg and pressed on gold vinyl, this limited edition is housed inside a jacket featuring a colorful magenta-hued remix of its unforgettable cover art and contains historic visuals on the inner sleeve you can enjoy as you rock out to anthems like “Wargasm” and “Shitlist.”


Def Leppard Hysteria Tour Robe 


These robes were the exact ones Def Leppard wore after shows on the 1987-88 Hysteria tour as a means of keeping warm while waiting under the in-the-round stage for fans to leave the arena. Roomy, hooded, and emblazoned with the band’s triangle logo in red stitching on the left breast, this dark gray robe is made from the finest cotton terry cloth comes in one lofty size (20″ at shoulder x 48″ long) and is presented with a certificate of authenticity from the Def Leppard vault.

Dad Grass Gummies

Dad Grass

Okay, so maybe the potent power of a nice sativa strain is a little too intense for regular partaking. Yet you still remain doubtful of how a CBD product will affect you if you’re an avid bud blazer. Dad Grass is a satisfying middle ground with their new line of fast-acting gummies, which come in three different flavors. The Blackberry Ginger ones (the Dad Grass classic formula) are great for day dosing, while the Hibiscus Lime Flavor (the Goodtime Formula) is a combined CBD/CBG concoction for rejuvenating vibes. Meanwhile, the Midnight Berry Flavor is Dad Grass’s nighttime compound of CBD + CBN that promises a good night’s sleep. These gummies will make even the most ardent THC loyalist a believer. Buy Dad Grass Gummies here. 

Green Day’s Oakland Coffee Kerplunk Bundle 


Green Day’s Oakland Coffee honors 31 years of the band’s 1991 Lookout! classic Kerplunk with a battery of limited edition gift bundles revolving around a remix of the album’s iconic cover art. You will definitely want to look into the Complete Bundle, which includes a bag of the company’s delicious Father Of All Dark Roast, an incredibly soft hoodie and a T-shirt emblazoned with the coffee-drinking Kerplunk girl, a sticker sheet, a metal hotel-style keychain and an exclusive 7-inch featuring “Brain Stew” and “Pollyanna” recorded live on the 2021 Hella Mega Tour. Green Day know their coffee like they know their punk rock, and this gift package is a consummate combination of the two. Buy Green Day’s Oakland Coffee here.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Coffin-Shaped Eye Shadow Palette 


For over 50 years, the eyes of Ozzy Osbourne have mesmerized generations of fans with that iconic, demonic gaze. Now for the first time in his career, the Prince of Darkness is selling his secret weapon for keeping his eyes so menacing at 74 with the release of his own signature eyeshadow in collaboration with the Rock & Roll Beauty brand.  And get this, it comes housed in a palette shaped in the form of a bat, a clear shout-out to the time 40 years ago this January when Ozzy accidentally bit the head off a live bat tossed onstage by a fan. The line also includes lipstick, brushes, a coffin-shaped makeup palette and a cosmetic bag all inspired by the metal icon. 

Patti Smith’s A Book of Days

One might be surprised to discover that Patti Smith loves IG. Not Iggy Pop, mind you, but Instagram, where in 2018 she opened up an account. A Book of Days is a physical memento of Smith’s Instagram account — 365 pages that explore the idiosyncratic brilliance of one of rock and roll’s greatest minds, a balance of text and photography aimed to remind the reader of life’s depth and fragility. Buy A Book of Days, by Patti Smith here.

Funko ZOO TV U2 figures

It’s tough to reckon with the idea of 30 years going by since U2 embarked upon their innovative ZOO TV Tour that foreshadowed screen addiction and fake news apathy a good decade before smartphones became the norm. And to commemorate the anniversary comes this must-have Funko set of all four members of U2 outfitted in the appropriate gear — Bono in his “Fly” glasses, Edge in his trademark era beanie, Adam Clayton in his blue jumpsuit and Larry Mullen, Jr. rocking the black vest. A fifth figure, meanwhile, finds Mr. Hewson riding in the trademark Achtung Baby-styled East German Trabant. Adam Clayton’s figure is already sold out, so jump on these quick. Buy Funko ZOO TV U2 figures here.

Superio 22 Liter Ribbed Storage Bins


Milk crates are not as easy to find as they used to be, at least the ones with enough room to carry your vinyl. That’s where these Superio containers come in so conveniently. Though not specifically advertised for the purpose of binning records, the sturdy ribbed plastic is strong and durable enough to make the company’s biggest product — 15 inches (L) x 11.5 inches (W) x 9 inches (H) — perfect for any DJ to safely transport their selections to and from the club with ease. Buy Superio 22 Liter Ribbed Storage Bins here.


David Bowie Divine Symmetry (Parlophone/Rhino)


This latest Bowie box might be the most intriguing title to emerge from the onslaught of posthumous catalog releases to emerge in the wake of the Duke’s death in 2016. What makes Divine Symmetry so remarkable is its concept, which chronicles the singer’s 1971 leading up to the release of Hunky Dory in December through home recordings, BBC sessions and rare studio material that offers a forensic look at David Bowie’s art-glam masterpiece across four CDs and one blu-Ray. The set comes housed inside a 100-page hardcover book and accompanied by a 60-page replication of Bowie’s handwritten notebooks that every fan will love poring over.  Buy David Bowie’s Divine Symmetry here.


Doc Martens x The Clash Boots


The Clash and Dr. Martens boots have been synonymous with one another since the dawn of punk rock. So it’s great to see both brands continue their proper partnership with the Dr. Martens x The Clash FW22 collection, which remixes the shoe company’s iconic 1460 and 1461 lines with the band’s logo embossed on the shoe and the sole and an array of colored laces saluting their best albums. Yes, including Sandinista!. The footwear also comes housed in a cool shoebox complete with a set of dog tags like the ones the band used to rock. Buy Doc Martens x The Clash boots here.

The Philosophy of Modern Song, by Bob Dylan


If you were a fan of Bob Dylan’s brilliant Sirius radio show Theme Time Radio Hour, his new book The Philosophy of Modern Song is absolute required reading. Zimm’s interpretations will bring you a whole new perspective to whatever tune here speaks to you the most. Be it Perry Como or Elvis Costello, Frank Sinatra or The Fugs, this book showcases Dylan’s genius not just as a music artist but a music observer as well. Buy The Philosophy of Modern Song here. Listen for free with Audible trial.

ZZ Top Tres Hombres Bourbon


The legendary ZZ Top doubles down on their success in the spirits world with the release of their second limited run whiskey, Tres Hombres Bourbon. Working once again with the Balcones label, the band’s latest liquor combines three bold flavors in Balcone’s signature Blue Corn Whisky, Texas Single Malt and Texas Rye, distilled for three years and offers a fruity and spicy kick going down your gullet. Pairs well with an original vinyl copy of AfterburnerBuy ZZ Top Tres Hombres Bourbon here.

PJ Harvey’s B-Sides, Demos & Rarities Box Set


Polly Jean Harvey continues to dig in her archives with the release of this 6-LP box set that contains precisely what its title is selling, many of which have never been available until now. Spanning the entirety of her 30 year career, treasures like a 1989 demo of “Dry” and the studio version of the title track to 2004’s Uh Huh Her will make you wonder why it took until now for such gems to finally see sunlight. Whatever the case, such a trove of rarities makes this collection an imperative gift for hardcore PJ Harvey fans this holiday season. Buy PJ Harvey’s B-Sides, Demos & Rarities Box Set here.

Thursday’s Full Collapse 21st Anniversary Box Set


Few albums in the early 00s hit as hard as Thursday’s second album, Full Collapse, which saw the New Jersey group grow considerably as both musicians and songwriters within the post-hardcore/emo idiom. They signed to Victory Records because of bands like Refused and Earth Crisis, but songs like “Understanding in a Car Crash” and “Paris In Flames” counterbalance the aggression with dashes of The Cure, The Smiths, and Joy Division. In commemoration of its 21st anniversary, Craft Recordings reconfigured Full Collapse as a box set comprised of three 10-inch LPs housed inside of a hardcover book designed by MDRN DVSN featuring previously unpublished images snapped by photographer Nathaniel Shannon, who chronicled Thursday around the time of the album’s original release. Only 5,000 copies of this special edition were pressed, so act fast if you want a copy. Buy Thursday’s Full Collapse 21st Anniversary Box Set here.

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Well, we just had to. Happy holidays, dear readers. Spread the cheer and the SPIN here.

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