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Houston Police Arrest Suspects in Takeoff Murder

A second suspect was arrested on weapons charges
(Photo: Erika Goldring / Getty Images)

Houston police announced that they have arrested two suspects in connection with the murder of 28-year-old Migos rapper, Takeoff.

Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, was charged with murder on Friday (Dec. 2). The first suspect, 22-year-old Cameron Joshua, was arrested on Nov. 22 on charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon. The police department announced and shared the suspects’ mugshots.

“We were able to deduce that Patrick Clark is the lethal shooter in the case, and that’s why he’s being charged with murder,” Houston Police Department Sgt. Michael Burrow said, according to NBC News.

Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, was shot and killed in Houston on Nov. 1 as he left a private party at a bowling alley with his uncle. Sgt. Burrow also said that the rapper was an “innocent bystander” of an argument that occurred at the bowling alley’s entrance.

At a press conference on Nov. 1, Sgt. Michael Arrington provided more details of the altercation but did not name a suspect or elaborate on any leads.

“A large group of people had gathered at the front door area just outside the building, and it led to an argument where the shooting took place from the disagreement,” Arrington said. “A lot of people that were there fled the scene and did not stick around to give a statement.”