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Donkey’s Last Ride: Elle King’s Path to Helping Mothers

Alt-country singer Elle King turned a rough experience of the pandemic into a mission to ease mothers' burdens
Helping mothers mother: Elle King (Credit: Max Sharp)

Pandemic delirium and death set alt-country singer Elle King on her mission to ease the burdens of mothering, as she explains to SPIN IMPACT.

“When the pandemic hit I went kind of crazy, which is nothing new for me but … I got really super triggered,” says King. “I didn’t know what was safe. I didn’t know what was going on.”

The singer moved to a ranch where, surrounded by animals, came a time of transformation.

“I had an experience with a donkey,” King says. “And I felt instant community because my donkey died.”

It was after King loaded the dead donkey into her SUV that she felt power and purpose. “People were so helpful and so giving, and I got this overwhelming sense of, ‘I have this opportunity of time.’”

Without the constraints of a day job, King fostered more animals and dedicated much of her time to Many Mothers, a charity which trains people to help mothers get on top of all that has to be done.

King – the daughter of a doula – helped with homeschooling, she says, and park visits. “It was just really incredible.”

And then, says King, “something spiritually happened, and I finally got pregnant”.

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