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Artist x Artist

Artist x Artist: Dave Stewart x Kaya Stewart

Dave Stewart Kaya Stewart

The latest edition of Artist x Artist is unlike any we’ve done before. Dave Stewart and Kaya Stewart know each very well, and as you can surmise, with good reason!

The Eurythmics musician released an ambitious new solo album, Ebony McQueen, earlier this year. His daughter, Kaya, issued her own LP, If Things Go South, along with an accompanying film.

Ahead of Dave’s induction with Annie Lennox into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we figured it would make sense to have the Stewarts go through their respective processes and compare notes, discussing song arrangements, how they tell stories through their music, and why it’s good that albums and songs can have different interpretations for everyone. They also talked about Kaya’s OCD and how it contributed to her album.



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