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Sharon Van Etten Releasing Deluxe Edition of Latest Album in November

New song 'Never Gonna Change' is out today

Sharon Van Etten‘s 2022 album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong will be re-released as a deluxe edition on Nov. 11 via Jagjaguwar, complete with three previously unreleased tracks. The first, the dramatic, piano-heavy “Never Gonna Change,” is out today.

Co-produced by Van Etten and Daniel Knowles, the song “is about managing depression and anxiety in the midst of isolation — coping with recurring fears throughout adulthood, acknowledging that flaws, fears and triggers canʼt be overcome. They are a constant part of oneʼs identity to learn to be at peace with.”


The deluxe edition of We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong will also include the previously unreleased “When I Die” and two standalone singles, “Porta” and “Used to It.” Van Etten told SPIN in July that the album title was inspired by repeated viewings of the ’90s kids classic The Sandlot, which she watched with her young son during the pandemic.

“We have probably watched that movie 100 times,” she said. “One particular time I remember we were watching it, and there’s that scene where they’re trying to get the ball back from the neighbor’s yard. Then the vacuum cleaner explodes in his face, and he says to his friends, ‘We’ve been going about this all wrong!’

“I had seen that movie so many times, but on this particular day, whatever was going on with me, I was in the process of narrowing down all these new songs that I had written, about 20-25 songs, and I was just struck by this feeling,” she continued. “When you take it out of that context, about all the things that you wish you could change but can’t — and just watching the world outside the window, trying to figure out what it is, what is your place in it. I just got all choked up. I remember writing it down — I am a Post-It person — and I put it on my computer and I just kept returning to this idea. That’s around the time where I decided to lean into that feeling for the record. That title for some reason seemed to be the umbrella of all the feelings that I was experiencing. And that’s how it started.”

Van Etten will play nine shows in Australia and New Zealand at the end of the year, beginning Dec. 1 in Sydney.