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Rage Against the Machine Cancels 2023 North American Tour

Zach de la Rocha tore his Achillies tendon a few dates into their reunion tour this past summer
Rage Against the Machine
(Credit: Robin Harper)

Rage Against the Machine have canceled their 2023 North American tour dates. In a message posted on their social media accounts, lead singer Zack de la Rocha said that he tore his Achilles tendon at the band’s second show of the tour in Chicago. The band previously canceled their European dates in August on account of the injury.

In the statement, de la Rocha said that only 8% of the tendon was intact. He continued, saying that 8% was severely compromised and is concerned about its functionality not just on stage, but for his normal life moving forward.

“Felt like a sick joke the universe played on me,” de la Rocha said. “As I write this I remind myself it’s just a bad circumstance.


Rage Against the Machine’s reunion was one of the most anticipated tours of 2022. The band hadn’t performed together since July 2011 and due to COVID, the dates were pushed back two years. We were on hand for opening night in East Troy, Wisconsin, which saw the band instantly return to peak form.

Closing his statement, de la Rocha apologized to his Rage Against the Machine bandmates, their openers Run the Jewels and all of the staff who were involved in the tour’s operations. Refunds will be available and the statement did not say if the band would make up those existing dates.