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Ellie Goulding Artfully Frees the Nipple in New ‘Let It Die’ Video

"Life's too short - you’ve gotta just let it go," she says
Ellie Goulding
Madison Phipps

Ellie Goulding‘s first single as a new mom is, in her own words, “savage.” And we’re here for it. The new video for “Let It Die” is infused with confidence, sexuality, and an overall no-fucks-left vibe. Her fifth album, Higher Than Heaven, follows 2020’s Brightest Blue, and arrives February 2023.


Goulding explained to Apple Music 1 that “Let It Die” was inspired by a friend’s tumultuous relationship. “I needed to get something off my chest … it was causing both of them pain. It was toxic. That why I’m pretty savage with the lyrics in this song. You know when you get to that point, you just gotta – life’s too short – you’ve gotta just let it go.”

“There was definitely a darkness about [the past two years] that was palpable in the studio, with everyone having gone through it differently,” Goulding says about making the upcoming album. “I think for that reason, nobody wanted to sit and agonize over some relationship or some drama. So that’s how this album came together. [Higher Than Heaven is] about being passionately in love. But it’s a hyper form of love, almost like a drug induced feeling. It feels almost artificial and there’s the potential for a crash.”

The two-time Grammy-nominee enlisted a variety of producers and artists to contribute to Higher Than Heaven, including Greg Kurstin, Jessie Shatkin, Koz, and Andrew Wells. The album is “jam packed with infectious hits that see Ellie’s signature vocals take center stage, with top notch production, stomping basslines, soaring synths and euphoric melodies.”

Goulding also shared the official Higher Than Heaven trailer. Check it out below: