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Caroline Polachek’s New Song ‘Sunset’ Will Give You Wanderlust

Watch the indie singer drive through beachy Barcelona in accompanying video
Caroline Polachek
Jim Dyson / Contributor

Caroline Polachek‘s new song “Sunset” has a tropical groove and lyrics about fearless love, with handclaps and warm guitars framing the singer’s lush vocals. The accompanying music video, co-directed by Polachek and Matt Copson, shows the singer driving through a beachside neighborhood in Barcelona.


“Resolution is so rare in life, but music is unnaturally full of it. A sunset is the biggest pop cliche ever, because it’s a perfect resolution,” former Chaiflift member Polachek says of the track. “Ennio Morricone passed away a few months before Salvador (Sega Bodega) and I started ‘Sunset,’ and the folkloric, epic tone of the spaghetti western sunset played on my mind. I wanted an operatic chorus with no lyrics, but salted with some very real disillusionment: past all the distraction, dead ends, and false promises of the world is the love we too often take for granted. That’s my sunset.”

“Sunset” follows Polachek’s singles “Billions” and “Bunny Is a Ride.” The artist has not released an album since 2019’s Pang, but she did feature on the popular Charli XCX track “New Shapes,” from the British singer’s latest album, CRASH.