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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: NGHTMRE

Credit: Koury Angelo

Name  Tyler Marenyi / NGHTMRE

Best known for  Bass music artist and DJ with effortlessly nice hair (hah sarcasm kinda)

Current city  Los Angeles

Really want to be in I love the West Coast of the U.S. I think I’ll be there forever if my family is there. Amsterdam and Sydney are two places I could see myself living outside of the U.S. I certainly have the travel bug and hope to live in lots of different places in my lifetime.

Excited about  I’m releasing my first ever album and it’s called DRMVRSE!! I have spent a ton of time and energy “world building” and writing a story for this album that will be reflected in the live show!! I have been fortunate enough to with some of my best friends and incredible creative partners to help bring all the visuals to life. The story that will be presented at the live show is a sci-fi anthology based on The Hero’s Journey.

My current music collection has a lot of  Loving the music from these artists right now:  ISOxo, Knock2, FrostTop, Leotrix, Space Laces, Fred Again, Dom Dolla. There are a lot more, but just some faves.

And a little bit of  Something like lo-fi beats or very chill instrumentals. Or even pure silence. My ears need as much of a break as possible (haha).

Preferred format  Streaming is what I pretty much exclusively use personally. I do have a vinyl collection of some favorite albums and cool collectibles I’ve found in my travels. Always a special feeling to hear a great jazz record or something to that effect on vinyl.



5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


Stadium Arcadium, Red Hot Chili Peppers



I listened to a lot of rock growing up… I fell in love with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and when I was 16 they released this album and I was instantly obsessed with it. It was essentially two full albums. 28 songs. I was able to buy a ticket to see their concert on tour in North Carolina. I snuck onto the floor once I was inside and got to watch the show from close up. I definitely shed my first tear of happiness at that concert when they played “Scar Tissue.” It was a life-changing experience.

Bangarang, Skrillex



Skrillex was the most influential artist for me throughout my career. From my first time listening to his My Name Is SkrillexEP everything changed for me. Without his support of my music I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am today. His ability to infuse energy and melody into every single one of his songs is truly amazing. My few experiences meeting him in person, he provided some of the most useful career advice I’ve ever received, and friendly hospitality that only made me appreciate him even more.

Classics, Ratatat 



This album was instrumental in influencing my music career. Ratatat did such an amazing job of combining electric guitar with drum machines and electronic/hip hop elements. It really connected with me as I grew up listening to lots of rock ‘n roll and hip hop, and playing drums. It’s a goal of mine to make it to a Ratatat show someday.




Justice needs no introduction. They were on the forefront of incredible electronic music. The flow of the is album and cohesiveness of all the songs is something I felt inspired by when writing my first album. Every song on this album is truly timeless. I can still play them at a party or show and they would go off!

Feed the Animals, Girl Talk



As I was entering college, Girl Talk was the first person I ever heard creating proper recorded mash-ups. He would write his own drums and sample ALL types of music from EDM to ‘90s hip hop to ‘60s rock and everything in between, combining popular songs with others to create a fresh blend. Feed the Animalswas a rinse and repeat album for me for years. It inspired how I structure some of my DJ sets and live shows, as well.