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Stuart Anstis, Ex-Cradle Of Filth Guitarist, Dies at 48

Anstis joined the British metal band in 1995 and departed in 1999
Stuart Anstis

Former Cradle Of Filth guitarist Stuart Anstis died Aug. 21 at the age of 48, according to a Facebook post from his wife Antoinette. No cause of death has been reported.

Anstis joined the British metal band in 1995 and departed in 1999, contributing to its albums Dusk and Her Embrace and Cruel and the Beast, which are among the most well-regarded in the Cradle Of Filth discography. After leaving the group, Anstis started Bastardsun, which broke up in 2005 following the death of singer David Wayne. Antstis also made electronic music under the name Aphelion. His most recent band was the trio Ninepence.

Former Cradle Of Filth guitarist Richard Shaw wrote on Instagram that “it was an honor performing” Anstis’ music. Group founder Dani Filth added on Facebook, “Stuart, despite our eventual differences, was an amazingly talented guitarist who brought a real sense of magick to everything he wrote in Cradle Of Filth. For a long time he and I were bestest of friends living in a small village here in Suffolk and despite that relationship eventually changing, it did nothing to diminish the fans’ appreciation of his creative flair and talent right up to the present day.”