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First Drop

SPIN First Drop Lollapalooza 2022: WHIPPED CREAM

As we waited backstage during the :15 minute changeover after Maddy O’Neal’s inspired set, WHIPPED CREAM noted that the crowd had dissipated a bit. It’s expected – people need to grab another beer, take a break – all the things. But she wasn’t phased. “They’ll come,” she said.

And they did.

Half way into her opening track, “Light of Mine,” droves of fans began pouring into Lollapalooza’s Solana x Perry’s stage, a 30,000 capacity field set against the Chicago skyline. Her 45 minute sophomore Lollapalooza set kept building with every transition – a fresh recipe of electronic bass music, hip hop and cinematic gold. Downtempo and hypnotic. Uptempo and slammed. And out of nowhere, a mid-set remix of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” had the crowd singing in full 80’s unison feels.

WHIPPED CREAM’s other love is figure skating (a former competitor) – and the influence is palpable. The way she moves around and on top of the decks is rhythmic. Athletic. Gracefully executed.

Since dropping her first single in 2014, WHIPPED CREAM has taken her game from bedroom production to the main stage. Her breakout came in 2019, hitting the likes of Ultra, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo. Her 2020 single, “So Thick,” featuring Baby Goth landed her on the official Birds of Prey soundtrack – a testament to her mission to create “music that can be felt by anyone.”

Most recently, WHIPPED CREAM collabbed with with Moore Kismet, Big Freedia and Uniiqu3 on the irreverent, “Hold Up,” then dropped a 180 with her silky, introspective “Cry.” “My style is tasteful music. I don’t think I have a genre. Because as a producer, it’s kind of all over the place. My favorite kind of music is cinematic music, like movie stuff. I’m very much electronic based. Hip hop. … It’s what’s good,” she explains.

Step into the DJ booth with WHIPPED CREAM and watch her exclusive SPIN First Drop below. To check out more SPIN First Drops, head over to SPINTV.





Upcoming Tour Dates

September 15 – Rifflandia, Victoria
September 17 – Nocturnal Wonderland, San Bernadino
September 22 – Firefly Music Festival 2022, Dover