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Slipknot Thrashes Around in a Creepy Mansion for ‘Yen’ Video

It's the second pre-release track from 'The End, So Far,' due out on Sept. 30
(Credit: Jonathan Weiner)

Slipknot employs an army of masked women, a dark, creepy mansion, ghostly figures engulfed in flames, a turntable solo and an out-of-tune toy piano to ghoulish effect in the video for the song “Yen,” directed by band member M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan.

It’s the second pre-release track from the masked hard rock band’s upcoming album, The End, So Far, which will arrive Sept. 30 from Roadrunner Records.


The track initially explores a more mid-tempo vibe compared to prior single “The Dying Song (Time to Sing),” but eventually ramps up Slipknot’s trademark intensity with such lyrics like “as the knife goes in / cut across my skin / when my death begins / I want to know that I was dying for you.”

Slipknot will support The End, So Far on the third leg of its KNOTFEST Roadshow tour, which kicks off Sept. 20 in Nashville. Ice Nine Kills and Crown The Empire will support.

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