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LØLØ Delivers Scathing Pop-Rock in New Song ‘u turn me on (but u give me depression)’

The pop punk queen is about to play three shows with Hoodie Allen

LØLØ’s new single “u turn me on (but u give me depression)” is an excellent summer anthem for anyone who secretly hates their partner. “I wish I fell for an ax murderer instead of you / He’d kill me too but at least he’d make it quick.”

LØLØ rolls her eyes, arms crossed over a bright orange bedspread, as she delivers her first line, in the music video, next to a man who is fast asleep. “No he wouldn’t get me hot and heavy / Then pretend he never met me and make me such a crazy bitch.”


“u turn me on (but u give me depression)” is a pop-punk battle cry rich with upbeat instrumentals. The music starts off with a bare-bones guitar riff before building up to crisp drum claps and a resonant bass line.

Speaking of the new track, LØLØ says, of the lover, “Instead of being dead, I live in a constant state of purgatory – flip flopping from happiness to sadness. I love him, I hate him. He turns me on. He gives me depression. But most importantly, he helps me write the best songs.”

LØLØ has pumped out a handful of bangers this year, starting with February’s “debbie downer.” The track, a collaboration with Maggie Lindemann plays off of the cult classic movie “Bring It On.” Her upcoming EP, also titled “debbie downer,” will follow last year’s “overkill.”

Aside from recording, LØLØ has spent much of this year touring. She performed at Lollapalooza and is playing three shows with Hoodie Allen (in California in Arizona) next week.