GoFundMe Launched to Aid Former SPIN Editor’s Cancer Battle

Aaron was a constant presence at SPIN from 1991 to 2011

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to aid longtime SPIN writer/editor Charles Aaron, who is battling multiple myeloma.

Aaron was a constant presence at SPIN from 1991 to 2011 and mentored scores of up-and-coming music journalists along the way. The campaign’s initial $40,000 had already been exceeded at the time of this article’s publication.

Aaron has completed a first round of radiation and will soon start a month of chemotherapy, which will likely be followed by a stem-cell transplant. “Charles has not been able to work for several months because of symptoms caused by the tumors on his brain — most notably, damage to an optic nerve which has resulted in a permanent loss of right-eye vision,” reads a note on the Gofundme page.

“It is evident that he will not be in a position to resume writing or editing professionally for quite some time due to the treatment he will be receiving,” it continues. “Funds are vitally needed to facilitate everything from basic living expenses, costs involved in the treatment itself, and additional resources to support his physical and emotional well-being. While Charles has insurance that he pays for himself as a self-employed person, as well as people around him who are able to assist with logistics and implementation of his care, he is not as well-resourced financially.”

A wealth of Aaron’s work for SPIN can be found in our archive, including his 2000 cover story on Rage Against The Machine, a May 1999 interview with Eminem fresh on the heels of The Slim Shady LP and his contemporaneous review of R.E.M.’s 1992 masterpiece Automatic for the People.


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