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A Day in the Life of...

A Day in the Life of…Wallows

Wallows Lollapalooza
(Credit: Dillon Matthew)

Playing Lollapalooza is a big step forward for any band. But for Wallows, who were playing the event for the second time in their career, the moment was even more substantial. With a mid-day slot on the T-Mobile stage (one of the two main stages), it was a chance to see how far they’ve come in four years. They’ve been here before, but the pre-game jitters still exist.

“There’s more pressure because we’re in a much bigger slot,” frontman Dylan Minnette says in the band’s dressing room a few hours before the set. “And we’re a bigger band compared to what we were then. There was pressure last time since it was our first festival we’d done as Wallows. You try not to have expectations or hopes of what it will look like [from the crowd]. I always get a little nervous before festival sets more than our own shows.”

“At our show, we know to expect,” adds guitarist Cole Preston, sitting to Minnette’s left. “Here, they’ll stroll by to see what Wallows is about, and there’s something to prove.”

Judging by the reception and size of the crowd, the rising alternative rockers have nothing to worry about.

Since they started off playing music as teens over a decade ago in another band, Wallows have found their comfort zone. In March, the trio released their sophomore album, Tell Me That It’s Over. Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, the project saw the band embrace a new sound featuring elements of alt-rock, dance, and folk.

Though they said they were anxious, it wasn’t reflected in their show. Wallows performed with the confidence and command of seasoned veterans, powering through a 16-song set that spanned their two albums, three EPs, and singles.

Following their set, the trio shared with us what a typical day in their life is like.

(Credit: Dillon Matthew)

Date: August 1, 2022.

Time I woke up:
10:15 am. — Dylan
8:30 am. — Cole
10:40 am. – Braeden

Every day starts with:
Going on my phone, sadly. — Dylan
Brek and coffee. – Cole
Going back to sleep. – Braeden

Breakfast consists of:
It really depends. I really love postmating a good breakfast from a favorite restaurant. – Dylan
Usually toast, sometimes fruit, sometimes eggs. — Cole
Bagel. — Braeden

To get going I always:
Need coffee first. – Dylan
Chug water — Cole
Have coffee. — Braeden

I don’t feel dressed without:
A necklace of some kind. – Dylan
Clothes. — Cole
Clothes. – Braeden

Before I start working I must:
Have coffee (again). – Dylan
Want to work. – Cole
I must be inspired. — Braeden

Currently working on:
Being present. – Dylan
Being a better DJ. — Cole
My golf game. — Braeden



But I’d really love to be:
I don’t know, just having fun really. – Dylan
Hawaii… — Cole
Already better at golf. — Braeden

Book I’m reading:
Nothing currently. – Dylan
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. – Cole
Nothing right now. — Braeden

I don’t know how anyone ever:
Could say that music isn’t as good as it “used to be.” – Dylan
Eats blue cheese. — Cole
Dances so good. – Braeden

If I had to play one album on repeat, it would be:
Blonde by Frank Ocean. – Dylan
Pacific by Haruomi Hosono. —Cole
Heaven or Las Vegas by Cocteau Twins. — Braeden

The perfect midday consists of:
Sitting and having lunch and binging some TV honestly. especially right now because it’s so hot every day. I like going outside when it’s cooling down, like more end of day. – Dylan
Walking to lunch – a charcuterie lunch. —Cole
A smoothie and a walk. — Braeden

To help get through the day I need:
Coffee, again. – Dylan
Fluids and sunshine and outdoors. – Cole
Water. — Braeden

Not a day goes by without speaking to:
Each other. – Dylan
My fam and my gf and Dylan and Braeden. — Cole
Each other. – Braeden

(Credit: Dillon Matthew)


My daydreams consist of:
Future Wallows stuff. – Dylan
Hawaii… — Cole
Wallows stuff. – Braeden

In a perfect day, in a perfect world:
Time could pause for a bit to just relax and procrastinate and not beat myself up over it or feel like I’m wasting precious creative time. – Dylan
Charcuterie wine tasting vacation resort time. — Cole
It would be October. – Braeden

I’ll always fight for:
Anyone who’s being mistreated. – Dylan
My mom, my sisters, and my dogs. — Cole
What we believe in musically. – Braeden

Currently in love with:
Better Call Saul, Big Brother, Love Island (UK). – Dylan
Love Island UK, anything true crime, Bladee. — Cole
Coca-Cola. — Braeden

Hoping to make time to watch:
All the Marvel shows post-WandaVision. – Dylan
Big Brother US. — Cole
John Carpenter’s The Thing (and I have). — Braeden

By my bedside I always have:
A cup of water and my phone charger. -Dylan
Cold glass of water. — Cole
Phone charger. – Braeden

To help get through the night I:
Will take a sleepy edible a lot of the time. – Dylan
Long walk after dinner. — Cole
Put on white noise or a fan. – Braeden

Bed time:
When I’m alone, very late, unfortunately. – Dylan
Between 11 and 2. – Cole
1-3 am. — Braeden

When I think about tomorrow, it’s always:
Trying to remember anything I have to do. – Dylan
Brekkyyyyy. – Cole
The day after today. – Braeden