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Metallica Rock With Stranger Things Actor Joseph Quinn Backstage at Lollapalooza

It's a real-life moment Eddie Munson would be up for
Metallica and Joseph Quinn
(Credit: Netflix)

On Thursday night, Metallica rocked Lollapalooza with a thunderous, nearly two-hour set that closed with “Master of Puppets,” joining Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to get a boost from Stranger Things. Before their set, there was a moment that would have made the fictional Eddie Munson proud.

As shared in a clip by Netflix, Metallica was joined by none other than Munson actor Joseph Quinn for a jam session backstage. It’s hard to tell who was more excited by the meeting.

“I’m a big fan of [Stranger Things]. Have been since Season One,” Metallica’s James Hetfield told Quinn. “My kids and I, it’s a bonding experience for us.”

The singer/guitarist also told Quinn that he was taller than he seemed to be on TV and Quinn went on to thank the band for allowing the show to license the Metallica classic. In response, the love fest continued when Hetfield thanked him for doing the 1986 song justice.

“It’s all I was listening to for two years,” Quinn said. “I feel very connected to you guys.”

Then, the band and actor joined forces for a quick jam session backstage, which included, of course, “Master of Puppets.”

“We’d like to make an announcement: Metallica is now a five-piece,” Lars Ulrich joked after. The band gave Quinn some goodies, including a guitar and an all-access pass for any of their shows whenever he wanted to pop up.