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Watch TikTok Phenom Jon Moss Dance With Gospel Choir in ‘Good Day’ Video

Comedian-turned-musician will release 'Quarter Life Crisis' mixtape this fall
Jon Moss

Rising hip-hop singer Jon Moss has a simple reminder for the world in the summer of 2022: “It’s a good day/ And they don’t come around like most days,” he sings. “Yeah, the sky still gray but there’s blue in it.” So go the lyrics in Moss’s unabashedly buoayant new single, “Good Day,” which has an equally euphoric video.

The video, directed by V, is a vivid tableau of positive vibes. Moss wears a tie-dye shirt with smiley faces. He recycles. He dances in the park. He joins a gospel choir and interpolates “This Little Light of Mine.”

But in reality, Moss’s life was not always this dreamy. He alludes to overcoming the struggle in the opening verses (“Had to bet on myself, better hold my chips/ Even if the dice fixed imma roll that shit.”)

The Georgia-based singer was, not too long ago, working as a truck driver to pull himself out of homelessness. He always had a penchant for music and entertainment and rose to fame on TikTok, where we posted comedic videos documenting his life.

“Good Day” is Moss’s debut single and precedes the release of his first mixtape, Quarter Life Crisis, which is due out this fall.