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Taylor Swift Heads to ‘Carolina’ on Song for Crawdads Movie

New song will be released at midnight ET tonight

Taylor Swift‘s latest new song is arriving at midnight (ET) tonight, according to the artist’s social media platforms. “Carolina” will play over the end credits of the upcoming movie Where the Crawdads Sing, which was produced by Reese Witherspoon and hits theaters on July 15.

Like Swift’s most recent studio albums of original music, the 2020 projects folklore and evermore, “Carolina” was produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner. “I wanted to create something haunting and ethereal to match this mesmerizing story,” Swift said of the song in March.

Witherspoon and director Olivia Newman revealed last week in an online roundtable discussion that Swift not only wrote the song without being commissioned to do so but also turned it into them without warning. Swift recorded “Carolina” in one take, using only instruments common to the movie’s early 1950s setting.

“She had gone and written this song out of just pure inspiration and sort of said, ‘I don’t know if you’ll like it, but here it is,’” Newman said, adding, “the first time I listened to it, I just started bawling and I said, ‘I don’t know what’s happening to me right now.’ I mean, I love singing along to Taylor Swift songs, but I never cry like this.”

Swift hadn’t written original music specifically for a film since 2016’s Fifty Shades Darker. The artist also has a rare on-camera role coming up in “Amsterdam,” directed by David O. Russell and due in theaters on Nov. 4.