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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: Erin Rae

Erin Rae 2022
(Credit: Bree Fish)

Erin Rae is one of our favorite artists to emerge in the past year. The singer-songwriter is one of Nashville’s finest rising talents. Her breakthrough album, Lighten Up, produced by Jonathan Wilson, is shaping the latest generation of cosmic country.

Earlier this year, we spoke with the 31-year-old and she explained to us how everything came together, from a creative and mental wellness place. “I think I have realized in the last couple of years, I was born with a certain set of anxious tendencies. Kind of an overactive, maybe hypervigilant mind. But then I also got to learn that I can sing, and that has always provided a soothing antidote to my brain.”

In her 15 Minute Live Performance, she showcases her earnest songwriting and her outstanding ability to connect through live performance.

Here’s the setlist:

Erin Rae

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