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Watch The Weeknd’s New Video With Jim Carrey Cameo

"Out of Time" is off the singer's latest record, 'Dawn FM'
The Weeknd
The Weeknd

The Weeknd released yet another extravagant video for the Dawn FM single “Out of Time.” The classy date night portrayed in the video takes a dark turn — which includes Jim Carrey as a surgeon.



The Weeknd and a friend do karaoke throughout the night to the seventh track off Dawn FM, which was released at the beginning of January. The two of them sing in empty elevators, a hotel room, at a karaoke club, and over dinner. It isn’t until the last minute of the video where The Weeknd begins to see visions of an elderly version of himself and of blood. Then — cue Jim Carrey — a voice speaks: “Don’t you dare touch that dial. Because like the song says, you are out of time. … But before you dwell in that house forever, here’s three minutes of easy listening, on 103.5 Dawn FM.”

Watch until the end of the video to catch Carrey’s face looking at The Weeknd before going under surgery,  which is just as scary as it is hilarious.

The singer already released an “Alternate World” version of Dawn FM. The Weeknd will be touring stadiums in the U.S. later this year.

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