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Listen to Tegan and Sara’s Latest Single ‘Fucking Up What Matters’

The duo's own television series based on their real-life high school experiences is currently underway
Tegan and Sara
(Credit: Pamela Littky)

For the first time in several years, Tegan and Sara have new material. On Thursday, The sisters shared their latest single, “Fucking Up What Matters.”

The Canadian duo’s “Fucking Up What Matters” is their first song that’s out on Mom+Pop Music. The song will be out on their upcoming studio album.


“‘Fucking Up What Matters’ felt like an ode to the moment in your life when you realize that you have most,” Tegan Quin says, “if not all of the things you wanted and you start to think about what would happen if you just walked away from it all. It’s the moment in the middle of the night when you start to daydream about something else, something you never imagined.

“It’s the feeling you have when you think you might have hit a new low, and yet you’ve never felt so good. Sometimes it’s admitting that you can’t stop yourself from fucking up what matters, that you feel your strongest. And as my mom would say, it’s often when we’re fucking up what matters, that we’re learning the most about ourselves.”

John Congleton (Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Future Islands) co-produced the track, while Tony Wolski directed its video. Starring in the video are TikTok creators Railey and Seazynn Gilliland, who will feature in the upcoming Tegan and Sara-produced series, High School. Currently, in production, the original coming-of-age show was co-created by the duo and is based off the twins’ New York Times bestselling memoir of the same name. The Gilliands will portray high school versions of Tegan and Sara, and the show will premiere through Amazon Freevee.