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Nick Zinner Does Vivaldi. Hear the Striking First Movement, ‘Fall’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' guitarist's project-turned-album has only been performed four times in 11 years

Nick Zinner, most known as the guitarist and songwriter of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has released the first single from his four-movement album, 41 Strings. “Fall” is a vigorous and dynamic composition. It begins with Zinner’s requisite guitar-picking and blooms into a full orchestra bringing you on a journey of tension, beauty, and suspense.

It’s no wonder that 41 Strings was inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.  The project came out of a commission for an Earth Day event more than a decade ago. Now, 41 Strings will be formally released on July 1, 2022 via Chaikin Records.

41 Strings had only been performed a total of four times since 2011. But in 2019, after a performance in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, fans were fervent and wanted more. Described as a song cycle for string orchestra, electric guitars, and expanded rhythm section, 41 Strings attains its distinct sound through its emphasis on combining classical music with a rock band.

Zinner’s multi-faceted musical background inspired the genre-bending orchestral project. The large ensemble holds 41 musicians, an homage to the fact that the world-premier concert was held on the 41st anniversary of Earth Day.